Airplane Mishap in Bihar: Viral Video Captures Aircraft Stuck Under Bridge, Causes Traffic Chaos

Bihar Viral Video: Bihar is a wonderful state in itself, something strange is seen here every day. Bihar is a famous state of India, where everything from politics to extortion is famous. Every day we keep seeing some video of Bihar going viral on the internet.

Bihar Plane stuck under bridge

These days, a case from Bihar is going viral very fast on the internet, in which also a plane got stuck under a truck. Due to this, there was a stir when the plane got stuck under the bridge built above the road, in some places people were stuck. People are coming from far and wide to see it, so much so that the administration is at a loss. If you also want detailed information about this viral video, then stay till the end of this article, let’s start today’s article without any delay.

Bihar viral Video

Actually, this whole matter is from West Champaran in Bihar, where an aircraft was kept on a truck, this aircraft was declared junk and due to this, it was being taken from Lucknow to Assam via Bihar. The truck was passing through East Champaran, the truck was passing under the Pipra Kothi bridge of Motihari, when it got stuck near the bridge due to exceeding the height. After this, there was a huge gathering of people on the road. According to the police, the incident happened on Friday around 11 am next to Pipra Kothi in Motihari.

The plane was being taken from Lucknow to Assam

On the whole issue, Motihari’s Assistant Police Chief Raj said that a junk-declared aircraft being taken from Lucknow to Assam on a truck got stuck under the Pipra Kothi bridge in Motihari. Due to this, there was a huge crowd of people on the road, due to which there was a huge jam on the road. The front part of the plane passed under the bridge, but the rear part got stuck. Pipra Kothi police with the help of other truck drivers and local people. We were able to land the plane under the bridge after a few hours, after which traffic on the route was restored.

Video went viral

In this entire matter, the police officer said that the truck driver failed to estimate the height of the bridge due to which the vehicle got stuck under the bridge. Currently, the video of this incident is going viral on the internet very fast, in which pedestrians, and bike riders are trying to find an alternative route to the road that was closed due to the plane stuck under the bridge. By the way, what is your take on this whole matter? Please write in the comments below.

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